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EABS is a registered scholarly society for the academic study of biblical and cognate areas that is open to scholars from all over the world, from senior scholars to graduate students! The society holds an annual conference and a separate annual student conference in Europe.

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EABS offers the opportunity to network and collaborate with scholars of all levels around the world. As an EABS member you will receive newsletters and are eligible to attend EABS conferences. We would also greatly appreciate your donation to the society.

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There are many research units within the society. Research reflects in particular European flavors of biblical studies of scholars whose expertise is in biblical and cognate areas, and work in a range of different settings, from various disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.

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Ukraine: Supporting Colleagues 
In the light of the war in Ukraine initiated by the Russian Government the European Association of Biblical Studies affirms that it deplores all kinds of military and other forms of aggression. Such aggression is never acceptable. It causes untold human suffering and is completely incompatible with those values that provide the basis for academic freedom and collaboration. EABS seeks to support all scholars with interests in Biblical Studies and related areas, in whatever political circumstances they might live, to enable all in Europe and beyond to participate in an increasingly vibrant disciplinary and interdisciplinary range of academic discourses, some of which can engage with and challenge the use and abuse of the Bible in politics. In these critical times EABS commits to designating some funding to support EABS members who find themselves in zones of conflict.


Registration for the EABS 2023 Annual Conference Open


Associate Professor in Hebrew Bible, University of Lausanne (Closes 30th April 2023)


Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies, University of St Andrews (closes 25 April 2023)


Conceptualizing Nature in Eastern Mediterranean Cultures of the Second­­–First Millennia BCE


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