Standards of Professional Conduct and Best Practice

 The EABS is concerned that all its members, whenever they participate in EABS activities (and at other times), should observe the highest standards of professional conduct and follow best practices within the disciplines of Biblical Studies and the Humanities more broadly. The EABS has a set of basic policy documents published on the EABS website; those concern harassment, data protection and privacy.

The EABS does not have a full-time paid administration who might support the EABS Committee in producing detailed professional codes of practice and comprehensive policy documents which would cover every jurisdiction in which EABS operates. Nevertheless, many similar organisations where such support is available have produced worthwhile policy statements and, subject to local laws and regulations, the EABS Committee commends the ethos of such policies for the consideration of members.

On professional conduct:

On “Ethics and Accountability” and other matters:

On publishing and acknowledging matters of provenance:

especially Section III, parts D and E

On publishing processes, the website of COPE (The Committee on Publication Ethics):

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