Exegesis and Higher Education Didactics ‘Verstehen von Anfang an’


The aim of the Research Group is to foster teaching in Biblical Studies by developing strategies and concepts of Higher Education Didactics for implementation in the classrooms and via e-learning courses. Insights in anthropological preconditions, social circumstances, experiences in imparting and technical implementing are of high relevance as well as the reflection of teaching experiences in the form of best-practice examples. 


Higher Education Didactics, E-Learning, Teachings, Exegetical Methodology


Melanie Köhlmoos
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Jan Heilmann
Universität Dresden

Thomas Wagner
Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Member Area

Toulouse 2022 Call for Papers

Science communication

At the conference in Toulouse, the research group “Exegesis and Higher Education Didactics ‘Verstehen von Anfang an’” deals with the topic of science communication. Due to diverse possibilities of electronic communication via the Internet, the traditional forms of science communication, print publications, lectures and discussions, have been enriched by numerous new channels and formats. In the wake of the restrictions on face-to-face events in the Covid pandemic, these new forms of science communication have received a tremendous impetus. Podcasts, Online-Conferences, Twitter and many more formats have in fact become an integral part of scientific communication. Even if the further relationship between traditional forms and new forms of science communication cannot be foreseen, the latter will continue to play an important role in the future.  These processes of change in scholarly communication are not only associated with challenges for research (e.g. the question of citability), but also for teaching in particular. These challenges will be addressed in the sessions of the research unit 2022. For this purpose, we call for workshops in 90-minute format on the one hand and short papers (10-15 minutes) on the other hand.