The Special Profile of the Prophet Jeremiah and His Book


After seven online sessions of the “Yirmeyahu” seminar (2021-2022), this first in-person meeting will enhance significantly our common work. We are planning to discuss the peculiarities of the prophet Jeremiah as he is portrayed in the HB, especially in Jer and more specifically in the “Confessions”. We will also focus on the relationship between Jer and other biblical books. The proximity of Moissac could be an occasion to listen to arts specialists as this city has a famous sculpture representing the prophet. We are interested in other proposals regarding the Book of Jeremiah (for example concerning the relation between the LXX and the MT). Attention to the biblical text is required and an interest for theological questions is preferred.


Jeremiah, Confessions, Intertextuality, Theology


Cyprien Comte 

Catholic Institute of Toulouse

Georg Fischer

University of Innsbruck 

Carly Crouch
Radboud University Nijmegen

Member Area

Toulouse 2022 Call for Papers

We invite researchers to share their findings on any of the four areas mentioned above. For 2022, we welcome especially contributions on the portrayal of the prophet Jeremiah and on the relevance of the intertextual relationships for a better understanding of the book and its setting.