The EABS Graduate Network

Recognising the unique challenges of postgraduate students worldwide, the European Association of Biblical Studies Graduate Network has been established to meet the needs of this community. The primary objective is to provide opportunities for professional development, the exchange of research ideas, practical advice, and peer support. The main focus is on graduate students registered with academic institutions within the broad field of Biblical Studies, particularly but not exclusively in Europe. Along with graduate students we also aim to support all emerging scholars, including postdoctoral researchers and those recently completed. Our aims are to:

  • Provide an environment where ideas can be discussed, research and resources shared, and conference details exchanged
  • Provide and share resources useful for the future careers of the members
  • Provide a network enabling the development of collaborative projects
  • Provide graduate students with a supportive environment for discussing differences in education practices, funding, supervision styles and other practical aspects of being a graduate student and emerging scholar.
  • You can informally join the network (on Facebook), or attend the Network Meeting at the EABS Annual Conference. It is open to all emerging scholars, whether or not they are members of EABS.

EABS Graduate Student Representative and Network Co-ordinator

The European Association of Biblical Studies actively supports and encourages student involvement in the organisation and its events. The primary means of doing this is through the EABS Graduate Student Representative, an officer on the EABS committee elected by students. This representative is also the Graduate Network Co-ordinator.

The Annual Conference 2021
takes place 2-5 August
online, hosted in Wuppertal.
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