Biblical Theological Investigations into the Attributes of God


This programme builds on the 2020/2021 workshop with the same name, in which we focused on Biblical Theology as a hermeneutical discipline, and Biblical Theological investigations into the attributes of God.

The members and those attending the initial workshop proposed a sharper focus for subsequent meetings. In 2022, this Programme investigates how Biblical texts from the First or Second Testament portray the specific attribute of the righteousness of God as part of the developing, unfolding and progressive story line of the text.

If the workshop is turned into a research unit, the plan is to investigate other specific attributes of God in subsequent years.



Biblical Theology, Hermeneutics, Attributes of God, Characteristics of God, Righteousness of God


Albert J. Coetsee 

North West University

Francois P Viljoen 
North West University

Member Area

Syracuse 2023 Call for Papers

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