Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Related to the Biblical World


This research group will further develop the work of the unit “Epigraphical and Paleological Studies Pertaining to the Biblical World”, which met at Vienna in 2007 (SBL), Lisbon in 2008 (EABS), Rome in 2009, London in 2011, Amsterdam in 2012, St Andrews in 2013 and Berlin in 2017.


Iron-Age Inscriptions, Epigraphy, Paleographic, Iconography


Robert Deutsch
Independent scholar

Regine Hunziker-Rodewald
University of Strasbourg

Member Area

Toulouse 2022 Call for Papers

We invite scholars to present their most recent research in the field of Northwest Semitic epigraphy. We welcome papers on ancient scripts, their development and distribution, on vocabulary and text genres, the historical setting of the Northwest Semitic inscriptions, as well as the use and function of writing on artefacts. We encourage scholars to join the discussion, paying particular attention to the literary sources of the 2nd and 1st millennium BC. According to EABS policy, only papers dealing with material from controlled excavations will be considered. The most innovative contributions will be selected for publication.