Parabiblical Texts: Literature Inhabiting the Narrative World of Scriptural Texts


Parabiblica are texts which locate themselves in the narrative world of Biblical texts, related to the Old and/ or New Testament. Many of those related to the OT are of Jewish origin but have been transmitted by Christians, others have originated in Early Christianity, Oriental Christian Cultures, Medieval Judaism and Islam.


This research group will accompany a new series founded in 2019 with the publisher Mohr Siebeck by Jan Dochhorn (main editor; Durham), Felix Albrecht (Göttingen), Christfried Böttrich (Greifswald), Nils Arne Pedersen (Aarhus), Jacques van Ruiten (Groningen) and Tobias Thum (München).



Parabiblica, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Early Judaism, Early Christianity.


Jan Dochhorn
University of Durham

Felix Albrecht
Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Member Area

Toulouse 2022 Call for Papers

The call for papers dealing with texts that contextualize themselves in a biblical narrative world, both of the Old and the New Testament (parabiblical texts). Papers about parabiblical texts are welcome; these texts can derive from several religious milieus (Samaritan, Jewish, Christian, Gnostic, Manichaean, Mandaean, Islamic etc.). Also methodological considerations e.g. about parabiblicity and pseudepigraphy can be presented. 

Presenters are asked to provide the auditory with a print version of their paper while speaking in order that all can follow.