Septuagint of Historical Books


The research unit focuses on the Septuagint versions of the historical books and their influence on the larger methodological framework of Hebrew Bible studies. Since the scholarship of Septuagint historical books, and the textual history of these books as a whole, is currently in a state of flux and many questions are open, there is a need for a forum to discuss these issues on a wider scope. The aim of this unit is to illuminate various aspects relating to the textual history of the Greek versions and their underlying Hebrew source texts. This includes questions concerning translation technique, vocabulary and syntax; text-critical issues; revision history; daughter versions; and the impact of Septuagint studies on the textual and editorial history of the Hebrew Scriptures.



Septuagint, Historical books, Textual history, Translation, Greek Bible


Ville Mäkipelto
University of Helsinki

Timo Tekoniemi
University of Helsinki

Member Area

Toulouse 2022 Call for Papers

For the 2022 Toulouse meeting we invite proposals exploring various aspects of the Septuagint versions of the historical books (Joshua, Judges, Samuel-Kings). All proposals relating to the issues outlined in the program are warmly welcome.