European Seminar in Historical Methodology


The aim of the Seminar is to address the lack of methodological debate among most biblical historians by focussing on the principles and techniques of ancient and modern historiography about ancient Israel. After its initial debate on how far a history of ancient Israel can be written, and what sort of history, it has focussed on particular historical periods or events, assessing the evidence available and considering the possibilities of a modern critical description.

The European Seminar on Methodology in Israel's History (or, more briefly, the European Seminar in Historical Methodology) is an independent seminar (membership by invitation only) which will be holding sessions at the EABS meeting. The format is that papers are circulated beforehand to members and only discussed at the meeting, but not read. Observers are invited to attend the sessions, and it is planned that the audience will have an opportunity to make comments at various points. We normally try to make copies of the papers available to any non-member who wishes to see the papers beforehand, by e-mail attachment. If you wish to have copies of the papers (which are working drafts only, not finished products), please get in touch with Lester Grabbe. Papers are not often not available until a few weeks before the meeting.


Members of the Seminar


Bob Becking, Utrecht

Nadav Na'aman, Tel Aviv

Rainer Albertz, M√ľnster

Thomas Thompson, Copenhagen

Knud Jeppesen, Tantur

Philip Davies, Sheffield

Niles Peter Lemche, Copenhagen

Ehud Ben Zvi, Edmonton

Hans Barstad, Oslo


Lester L. Grabbe, Hull

Publications of the Seminar

Can a History of Israel Be Written?, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997

Leading Captivity Captive, Sheffield Academic Press, 1998

Did Moses Speak Attic?, Sheffield Academic Press, 2000

Like a Bird in a Cage, Sheffield Academic Press, 2002

The Annual Conference 2021
takes place 2-5 August
in Wuppertal. Read more.