Female Prophets in Ancient Jewish and Christian Texts


This workshop analyzes critically the portrayal of female prophets in ancient Jewish and Christian texts. Using variety of methods, this unit explores expressions of female prophecy preserved in the ancient Jewish and Christian literature from c. 200 B.C.E. to 400 C.E. and compares these references with each other. The aim of the workshop is to build a more complex understanding of the phenomenon of women’s prophecy and its place in early Jewish and Christian traditions.


Dr. Blaženka Scheuer, University of Lund

Dr. Hanna Tervanotko, University of Helsinki


Cordoba 2015 

This workshop invites contributions on female prophets in Biblical texts including parabiblical literature. We welcome a variety of theoretical, methodological and interdisciplinary approaches.

The Annual Conference 2021
takes place 2-5 August
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