Images of Creation in Reception History


This workshop focusses on various receptions of the biblical accounts of creation in  literature, music, fine arts and popular culture. Using examples of  the reception of biblical texts on creation  we want to explore the interaction between different readings, reading strategies and social, cultural  and theological discourses at the respective time.

Thus we will ask questions such as:

  • To which discourses does the reception of the biblical text contribute?
  • Does the reception of a biblical text initiate new discourses?
  • What  view does the artistic/popular reception give on current debates and developments of its time?
  • What significance do the biblical texts take in such discourses?
  • In which function and to what purpose are the biblical texts used?
  • In which ways are the biblical texts adapted to the current discourses?


Michaela Bauks, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany

Susanne Gillmayr-Bucher, Catholic-Theological privat University Linz, Austria 

Marianne Grohmann, University of Vienna, Austria


Cordoba 2015

We invite paper proposals dealing with the reception of biblical texts or motives of creation in literature, music, fine arts or popular culture. The focus of the research should lay on the interaction of the chosen example of reception with the various discourses of its time. It should describe how the biblical texts/motives are used to contribute to current discourses, and, vice verse, which transformations such discourses induce for the interpretation of biblical texts

The Annual Conference 2021
takes place 2-5 August
in Wuppertal. Read more.