Jephthah’s Daughter and Human Sacrifice


The story in Judges 11 has fascinated scholars for a long time, because it is clearly ‘odd’ in many regards. For one, the practice of human sacrifice seems to be mentioned without any direct and explicit condemnation. How does or does not Judg 11 and the figure of Jephthah’s daughter fit within dtr. ideology in general and in the book of Judges in particular? Is this a pre- or post-dtr text and if so, how does it relate to other texts in the Hebrew Bible? Is there a difference between male and female human sacrifice and if so why? Questions can be easily multiplied. The workshop aims at addressing these questions, with special focus on the more controversial ones.


Michaela Bauks, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany

Dolores Kamrada, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary


Leuven 2016

The workshop addresses the story of Jephthah’s Daughter and its potential implications on the question of human sacrifice in the book of Judges, the dtr. history or the Hebrew Bible in general. Submissions on the topic are encouraged and although most papers are invited, slots have been reserved for appropriate submissions.

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