Masorah and the Interpretation of the Biblical Text


The Masorah is an indispensable tool for correct interpretation of the biblical text. It constitutes a historical record that accompanies the actual Hebrew text and is designed to preserve it and transmit it correctly. However, the Masorah is almost unknown for the non specialists. Therefore, its implication and benefits for the study of the Bible in a broad sense (e.g., exegesis, delimitation cricism, textual history, grammar, etc.) are still undervalued.

This workshop aims to open the field of the Masoretic Studies to the other fields of study related to the Biblical text.


Elvira Martín-Contreras, Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas del Mediterráneo y del Oriente Antiguo, CCHS-CSIC


Cordoba 2015

This workshop invites contributions pertaining to Masoretic Studies or related topics. We especially encourage proposals which show, in a practical way, how to use the Masorah for the biblical interpretation.

The Annual Conference 2021
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