Psycholinguistics and the Bible


Our workshop will adopt an interdisciplinary approach to the biblical text from the perspective of psycholinguistics. “Psycholinguistics” is a branch of psychology, which studies psychological processes happening in the human mind with regard to use of language. We shall focus on the study of texts in order to understand how the texts’ authors understood particular terms and concepts.

We propose to apply the research methods of psycholinguistics, e.g., vocabulary frequency analysis or the analysis of semantic fields to study a biblical text.  The intended result of the research of this group is albeit hypothetical re-construction of certain psychological concepts of the biblical authors, e.g., what was their concept of identity and how was it expressed in terms of language?


Jarek Moeglich


Vienna 2014

Call for Papers

The upcoming meeting in Vienna, the city of Sigmund Freud, encourages us to invite paper proposals dealing with the interdisciplinary research of psycholinguistics and the Bible. We especially encourage proposals dealing with stereotypes or identities in biblical and parabiblical texts.

The Annual Conference 2021
takes place 2-5 August
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