Reception of the Bible in Latin American Narratives and Images


This workshop aims to gather scholars and students interested in analyzing different receptions and interpretations of the Bible in Latin American literature, and visual culture. We will focus on the history of the reception, intertextuality, and visual semiotics, among other approaches in order to explore how Biblical themes, plots, metaphors, and characters are recreated and transformed in connection with elements of Latin American popular culture in the literature and in the visual arts. We also plan to explore the discursive heterogeneous and the hybrid forms of literary and visual expressions in the above mentioned texts.


Paulo Nogueira


Vienna 2014

Call for Papers:
Papers addressing Latin American literary and visual texts connected with biblical themes, plots, metaphors and characters are welcome. Papers concerning methodological questions are also welcome.

The Annual Conference 2021
takes place 2-5 August
in Wuppertal. Read more.