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The importance of Samaritan Research has gained considerably in recent years.  Many new publications have come to light that has cast new light on Samarian - Judean relationship. Archaeology in both regions have altered the picture of both and moved the perspective from a biblically Jerusalem centered view to a broader view, which takes the  political and religuous development of both regions into consideration throughout the whole of the first millennium. From being seen as an aberrant Jewish sect and an almost extinct people, Samaritan archaeology and  history has proved a continuous existence of the Samarian-Israelite people in the first millennium BCE. The region of Samaria did not suffer the cataclysms of foreign occupation as much as did the regions of Judah and (Benjamin). Yahwist cult places continued to function in spite of the decline of the Israelite kingdom, and the temple on Gerizim was in existence as early as the mid fifth century BCE. Judaeans and Samarians of the Persian and Hellenistic periods had more in common than divided them, and the often purported hostility between the two regions occurred only towards the end of the century, when cult centralisation became a vital political issue for the Hasmonaean rulers.

This session aims at presenting and discussing these new information and its relevance for ancient history and biblical studies in general.

Samarian / Samaritan history, religion, culture and  literature are also topics that can be dealt with in this session.


Ingrid Hjelm, University of Copenhagen


Cordoba 2015

Call for Papers

My aim is to have two sessions at the meeting in Cordoba. Papers that examine the formation of the Pentateuch in light of our changing perspectives on Samarian and Judaean history in the Persian and Hellenistic periods will be appreciated. However, any topic that fit the programme is welcome.


Several papers of past meetings have been published in the Samaritan Newspaper: A.B.- The Samaritan News.

Past Meetings:

Samaritan Studies Session have met in 2003- 04, 2009-11, 2013





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