The Study of the Greek New Testament


This workshop invites papers on different methodological approaches to the study of Greek New Testament philology and its relationship with Classical or Hellenistic Greek, such as textual criticism, grammar, semantics, semiotics, lexicography, lexicology, narrative structural analysis, literary stylistics, and rhetorical analysis. The application of several methods has been previously proposed in order to study the New Testament text, for example narratological, semantic (structural), lexicographic or rhetorical analysis. When applying other methods -  such as stylistic or lexicological analysis - researchers often work in individual ways without approaching methodological presuppositions of their work systematically.

 The purpose of this workshop is to make visible each participant's methodology or methodologies in New Testament study. The papers presented may constitute a starting point for an edited volume on methodological approaches in NT study.


Jesús Peláez, University of Cordoba-Ediciones El Almendro


Diccionario Griego-Español del Nuevo Testamento, Fasc. I-VII. Jesús Peláez and Gasco research team, Córdoba 2000-2014

The Study of the New Testament, A comprehensive Introduction, by Antonio Piñero-Jesús Peláez, Deo Publishing, Leiden 2003.


Cordoba 2015

Call for Papers

At the 2015 meeting in Cordoba, we plan to hold three sessions, each welcoming papers. Abstracts (no more than 300 words) have to be enrolled through the EABS meeting website. For more information about the deadlines, write, please to The deadline for submitting proposals is February 2015.

The papers of the 2015 Cordoba meeting will be published in a volume of the Series "Estudios de Filologia Neotestasmentaria" (Ediciones El Almendro, Córdoba,

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