Graeco-Roman Society and the New Testament


The research group focuses on
a) various aspects of the social life of the Graeco-Roman world in which Jews and Christians operated (e.g. household networks and religion, kinship, friendship and other relationships, slavery, prostitution, social and geographical mobility, social groups, everyday life in Graeco-Roman cities etc.) that are part of the socio-historical context of the New Testament texts and therefore provide insight into them, and
b) artifacts from the Graeco-Roman world (e.g. inscriptions, papyri and archeological findings) that can shed light into the life of Jewish and Christian groups of this time. 

Papers that present interdisciplinary approaches to the topics under discussion and offer new insights and fresh interpretations of Jewish and Christian sources placing them within their socio-historical context are welcome.

Graeco-Roman, Archeology, Epigraphy, History, New Testament, Early Christianity


Ekaterini Tsalampouni
University of Thessaloniki

Patrick Hommel
Christian-Albrechts-Universit├Ąt zu Kiel

Soeng Yu Li
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Member Area

Wuppertal 2021 Call for Papers

Prostitution in the Graeco-Roman World

For the 2021 meeting of our group in Wuppertal two sessions are scheduled:

   a. An open session where papers on any topic within the range of the interests of the research group are welcome.

  b. A session focusing on prostitution in the Graeco-Roman world. More particularly, we invite papers that address a wide range of topics related to prostitution placed within the context of the urban landscape of the Graeco-Roman world: methodological questions regarding tracing and analysing both literary and material sources for ancient prostitution, new or older evidence of prostitution as a reality of the cities of the Graeco-Roman world, the economics of prostitution and the legal status of prostitutes, the question of gender of prostitutes, prostitution and religion, and the perception of prostitution through the lenses of pivotal ancient values (e.g. shame and honour). Finally, we welcome papers dealing with ancient Jewish and early Christian (New Testament included) attitudes towards prostitution.