Prophets and Prophecy


This unit aims to provide an open forum for scholars to present papers on a variety of topics germane to the study of ancient Israelite prophecy and prophetic literature.

All approaches to prophetic literature are welcomed, including historical, literary, rhetorical and theological.

Prophets, Prophecy, Theology, Ambiguity, Dynamic Interpretation


Elie Assis
Bar Ilan University

Yisca Zimran
Bar Ilan University

Member Area

Wuppertal 2021 Call for Papers

This coming year, 2021, we will have two sessions. The first session will focus on ambiguity, dynamic interpretation, contradictions and conflicts within and between prophetic books. We invite submissions of papers that discuss concrete examples; papers that discuss the fundamental phenomena and their significance in the context of the book, and their bearing on the relationships between books; and papers that discuss the ramifications of the researcher's method on the way s/he copes with the phenomena and on the research conclusions.    

The other session will be an open session with papers on a broad range of topics dealing with prophetic literature.