Ancient Cosmology and New Testament Interpretation (Workshop)


This workshop examines the significance of ancient cosmologies for the interpretation of New Testament texts. The workshop engages studies in Hebrew Bible, early Judaism, classics, and historical theology with two primary questions: (1) In what ways do people across the spectrum of Mediterranean societies view the cosmos? And, (2) what do ancient cosmologies assume and articulate about the purpose and role of humans within the cosmos?


Ernest Clark, University of St Andrews

Eric Covington, University of St Andrews


Leuven 2016
Call for Papers

We invite paper proposals that use any methodology that develops thick descriptions of first-century Weltbilder as the conceptual contexts within which New Testament cosmological terms and themes make sense. We particularly encourage proposals that interact with various fields and their methodologies, including Hebrew Bible, ancient Near Eastern cosmologies, philology, philosophy, archaeology, and historical theology. While various methodologies may be appropriate for different papers within the research workshop, each methodology should be brought to bear on the interpretation of a text or texts within the New Testament.

The Annual Conference 2021
takes place 2-5 August
in Wuppertal. Read more.