Chronicles and Utopia


Reading the Bible as utopia is a recent method of approaching biblical texts as a textual artefact as well as investigating the lived realities of the communities in which the texts originated. Engaging these texts from a perspective informed by the concept of utopia—descriptions of imagined ideal states of being at odds with reality—has often been interlinked with other contemporary approaches to biblical literature, e.g., postcolonial criticism, sociology, literary criticism, and critical theory, as well as to studies in the intellectual history of ancient Israel.


Frauke Uhlenbruch 


Vienna 2014

Call for Papers

Although some papers will be invited, this workshop strongly encourages proposals for additional papers and particularly for those that explore the way in which texts in Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah could be understood as utopian narratives, or why and how the literati who shaped these texts chose to focus on specific images for the construction of their ideals.

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