Concepts of Nudity in the Hebrew Bible (Workshop)


This workshop aims at uncovering anthropological and/or theological implications that are conveyed by passages in the Hebrew Bible in which nudity or its prevention is explicitly referred to or implicitly hinted at. By analyzing the discoursive field of (un-)clothing and its reflection in biblical texts, we are hoping for new insights into defining the intertwined relationship of nature, cult and culture.


Christoph Berner, University of Göttingen

Sarah Schulz, University of Erlangen

Martina Weingärtner, University of Augsburg

Martin Schott, University of Erlangen

Manuel Schäfer, University of Erlangen


Leuven 2016

Call for Papers
We invite scholars of Hebrew Bible and cognate studies to present a paper preferably addressing one of the following questions:In which contexts is nudity mentioned in the Hebrew Bible? How is nudity evaluated? What is the function of clothing? How did concepts of nudity and clothing develop through the literary history of the Hebrew Bible? What can redaction criticism contribute to dismantle different literary stages of this development? To what extent do these concepts string along with or slip away from ANE traditions? How did redactors and later interpreters try to fit “explicit” biblical material into their own cultural and religious perceptions of modesty and shame?

The Annual Conference 2021
takes place 2-5 August
in Wuppertal. Read more.