EABS is a registered scholarly society for the academic study of biblical and cognate areas that is open to scholars from all over the world, from senior scholars to graduate students. The society holds an annual conference and a separate annual student conference in Europe. About forty research groups have found their home or emerged within the society. Research in the society reflects in particular European flavors of biblical studies of scholars whose expertise is in biblical and cognate areas, and work today in a range of different settings and departments and do so from various disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. EABS is committed to reflect this diversity. We particularly encourage interdisciplinary sessions and the active participation of scholars from a wide variety of disciplines and areas of study with an interest in biblical themes. Almost from the society’s inception, scholars in areas such as Archaeology, History, Hebrew Bible, Early Judaism, Talmud, New Testament, Early Christianity and Patristic have all worked together in the EABS. In recent years we have also had sessions and multi-year research programs including social scientists, art historians, literary historians and filmmakers. The range of research presented or developed by colleagues at the EABS is becoming constantly wider, and for that reason more nuanced and more interesting at the same time.

Facts and Figures

At the business meeting 2015 it was reported that attendees were affiliated with academic institutions in 44 countries in Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania (Australia), and Europe. Most representatives were from institutions in Germany, Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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EABS Constitution official English Translation