Panel proposal for the upcoming Association for Jewish Studies 47th

Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 13-15, 2015.

Abraham S. Yahuda (1877-1951) stood at the center of some of the
twentieth century’s most crucial developments, yet somehow he remains
a largely unstudied figure. This panel will attempt to address the
lacuna in Yahuda scholarship by trying to form a more comprehensive
picture of his well-traveled life and various intellectual, cultural,
and political activities. Possible paper topics might include Yahuda’s
engagement with, among other things: Arabic-Jewish philosophy,
biblical exegesis, Jewish education, manuscript collection, Mizrahi
and Sephardic subjectivities, Orientalism, politics and the academy,
and twentieth-century Zionism(s).

Please submit a 350-word abstract, including a title, to either of the
panel’s co-organizers by Friday, May 1, 2015: Michal Friedman
( or Allyson C. González (

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