The conference in Thessaloniki was successful; around 220 people attended it, both as lecturers, chairs, and listeners, in some 40 sessions of some 20 research groups, having their own sessions or joint ones.
The conference took place in Porto Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki, which provided lecture rooms, lunches, and accommodation in the same venue. This arrangement enabled comfortable attendence in the lectures, and socializing during and after the lunches.


The opening event included greetings from the local organizer, dr. Ekaterini Tsalampouni, and prof. Christos Ecomonou Professor of Theology, Chair of the School of Pastoral and Social Theology, Faculty of Theology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR; a lecture by Prof. Renee Levine Melammed, “An Ode to Salonica: Historical and Poetic Perspectives”, about the Jewish congregation in Thessaloniki; and the presidential lecture by Prof. Jorunn Økland, “Can the Bible be Translated? Bible Translations as Culture Artefacts”; and a reception, and took place in the Museum of Byzantine Culture. A musical interval was led by The Byzantine Choir of the Students of the School of Patoral and Social Theology, Faculty of Theology, AUTH, under the direction of Rev. Father Spyridon Antoniou, Assistant Professor of Byzantine Music.

Prizes for the selected students lectures were given to Chaim Nathan Marx from The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, for his lecture “How Biblical Verses Become an Enchantment against the Evil Eye (Gen 48: 16 and ibid 49: 22 in: Berakoth 20a and ibid 55b)” in the session “Magic and Divination in the Biblical World”, and to Ma. Marilou S. Ibita, from the Catholic University of Leuven, for her lecture “Who is Hungry at the Corinthian Lord’s Supper? A Closer Look at πειν?ω in 1 Cor 11:21 and 34”, in the sessions “New Testament Studies, the Open Forum”.

On Tuesday evening Dr. Miltiadis Konstantinou, Prof. of the OT, Faculty of Theology AUTH, and the chairman of the Committee On Translation Policy of the UBS Global Board, gave a guest lecture on “The Greek Bible Translation Projects of the Greek Bible Society”.
The students meeting was a combination of a meeting (where a new student representative to the committee was elected), and a reception, where food and drinks were provided.

Two excursions were offered for the participants, the one – an excursion of the city of Thessaloniki, and the other – a day trip to key cities of the Macedonian Dynasty, Vergina and Pella.