NLA University College, Bergen, Norway, invites applications for a full-time position as Professor / Associate Professor in New Testament and Cognate Studies with effect from August 1st 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter. The successful applicant will be appointed to a permanent professorship or a permanent associate professorship, depending on his or her qualifications and career stage.
NLA University College is a private, accredited university college with four campuses, two in Bergen, one in Oslo and one in Kristiansand. For a further description of the institution and its departments, see our web-page The university college has all together 2300 students and 200 employees. The two campuses in Bergen will be co-located in the centre of Bergen (Minde) from 2021.
The scholarly staff in Theology relates to Department of Theology, Religion, and Philosophy. The post-holder is expected to teach at all campuses, but the primary location of the post is in Bergen.
NLA University College offers education on Bachelor- and Master’s level within the fields of theology, theology and ministry, religion and philosophy, and ExPhil (introductory course in philosophy). It also offers preliminary courses in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin languages. The department contributes to the institution’s external activity (courses, lectures for professional and public audiences related to schools, church, etc.).
New Testament Studies at Norwegian institutions is an integral part of theological studies. At NLA University College, the New Testament occupies a central place in the Theology program at all levels, and the appointee will play a significant role in the promotion of the study of the New Testament at the institution. The post-holder will teach all mainstream NT elements and related subjects from cognate studies, including our “Summer-Semester”
course in Israel, which focuses ancient and modern Judaism and Christianity in the Middle East. NLA University College welcomes applications from candidates who enjoy working in an interdisciplinary way and who value reflection on the place of their work within the larger field of Theology, Religion, and Philosophy.
Accordingly, we are looking for a candidate with a research profile and track record in New Testament Studies or in cognate studies with special relevance for NT.
The duties of the professor / associate professor will include scientific research, scholarly-based teaching, and participation in international collaboration in the field. In addition to teaching lectures and courses on all levels of education offered at the institution, the post-holder will supervise students and participate in the development of the study programs and contribute to the development and application of innovative teaching methods. In addition, the appointee is expected to engage in cross- and interdisciplinary research and teaching, related to the other fields of education offered at the institution.

Required Qualifications:
An appointee to a professorship / an associate professorship should hold a doctoral degree within the field of New Testament, or in closely related fields (Second Temple Studies with emphasis on the later period, Early Christian Studies, Antiquity Studies). The significance and immediate relevance of any applicant’s particular research profile to New Testament studies should be highlighted, and will be considered accordingly. The successful applicant
should document research competence that involves interdisciplinary fields or methods, either through his/her doctoral dissertation or through additional work.
Proficiency in languages relevant to New Testament Studies and related areas of research is required.
Pedagogical education or practice is required. In lack of such, a compulsory course in college pedagogy (offered at the Norwegian universities) should be completed within two years.
Teaching language is normally Norwegian, with some courses in English. If the appointee is not fluent in one of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish), he or she will be expected to teach in Norwegian within a period of approximately two years.

Required Experience:
Ideal candidate will have

  • relevant teaching experience on university- or college level (equivalent to Norwegian Høyskoler),
  • relevant experience of student advising (Bachelor- and Master’s thesis). Supervising doctoral students will be considered.
  • international experience (conference papers, leadership, or project cooperation),
  • experience in university- or college-administration,
  • experience of dissemination of research results to the public.

Personal skill and motivation
Successful applicant will be

  • highly competent in oral and written communication,
  • motivated for teaching and advising on all relevant levels, and in interdisciplinary relations,
  • motivated for active participation in the development of the institution’s organization,
  • interested in public dissemination of research results within his/her field,
  • willing to accept administrative tasks related to the research programs.

Common for all positions at NLA University College
Retirement contract in The Governmental Pension Fund (Statens pensjonskasse). NLA University College is an «inclusive worklife concern» (inkluderende arbeidslivsbedrift). Employees in a position as professor at NLA University College are placed in salary grade 73, associate professors in salary grade 62 – 70.
The positions holder should take on other teaching, supervision and administrative tasks within his/her general educational competence. The work conditions might be changed according to agreement.

Application and assessment
Applicants must within the application deadline submit these following documents in the application website

  • Letter of application
  • CV and authorized documentation of certificates and study records. The CV should describe educational background, prior positions, academic, professional and pedagogical activities and administrative experience
    Complete list of scientific / academic works, with bibliographical references.
  • Complete copies of a selection of the applicant’s most relevant publications / academic works (maximum of 15), for consideration in the evaluation process, and a list of the selected publications.
  • Details of other activities the applicant considers relevant to the position and wishes the committee to take into consideration.
  • Contact details of two or three referee persons.
  • All documentation must be uploaded and attached to the electronic application.
    The applicant is responsible for submitting complete documentation within the application deadline.

We encourage women to apply.
The applicants are requested to clarify how they position themselves in accordance with the announcement. The candidate should outline his/her
motivation for applying for the position, and explicitly present his/her vision and plans for the development of the field with respect to research and
NLA University College is an academic Christian institution, owned by Norwegian church-related organizations. Loyalty to the institution’s basis and foundational documents is expected. Applicants should relate to this in their application.
Relevant applicants will be invited to interview prior to a recommendation for the position. Trial lecture is required. In the general assessment of the applicants, scholarly qualifications, experience and personal capacities are emphasized. A sorting committee will decide whom of the applicants that should pass to the expert committee. The expert committee will have access to all applications.
Questions regarding the positions can be directed to Bård Eirik Hallesby Norheim, e-mail: Phone +47 55 54 07 28 Information about the application process is provided by personnel manager Anne Hansli, e-mail: Phone +47 91 31 27 54.
Closing date for application: February 15. 2017

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